Hypothesis: All-in-one AI-platform that streamlines the creator journey using social media intelligence and providing actionable insights

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Hypothesis is an all-in-one-platform that helps you understand audiences, discover and collaborate with brands while creating engaging content based on personalised performance tracking and insights. Maximise monetisation during your creator journey with us.

Be a Smarter Content Creator with Hypothesis

Hypothesis uses AI-powered insights to help you gain deeper understanding of your content performance, audience affinity and fellow creators so you can create impactful content that gets brand recognition.

Track creator content effortlessly across all platforms with the content performance dashboard to gain insights
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Create content with intelligence

Eliminate the stress of monitoring your content across multiple platforms using our automated performance dashboard. Focus on gaining valuable insights so you can create impactful content for your audience.

Expand reach, collaborate with influencers, and gain insights on social media platforms strategies
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Grow your content reach

Rise with your fellow influencers by understanding their performance. Learn which platforms and creatives work best in your industry to keep up with your peers.

AI-powered insights to create engaging content by uncovering audience interests, sentiments, and brand preferences
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Understand your audience well

Tap into the minds of your audiences using AI-powered insights to understand their interests, sentiments, brand and creator affinities. Be on top of changing consumer mindset to create the best performing content time and time again.

Collaborate and share social media metrics, brand briefs, and invitations with secure access management tool while ensuring data privacy
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Collaborate seamlessly with teams

Be in control of your data privacy with our granular access management tool when sharing your social media metrics with talent managers, brands or agencies. Access your brand briefs and invites all from one platform.

The Future of Creator Economy with Hypothesis

A comprehensive toolbox for your creative needs.

Comprehensive influencer profile showcasing content performance, audience insights, and successful brand partnerships

Enhanced Creator Portfolio

Showcase your influencer profile in great detail to brands. Seamlessly tailor your portfolio outlining content performance, audience insights and branded collaborations based on the industry of the brands and their briefs.

Advanced creator matching profiles to briefs, ensuring early access to relevant updates using historical data

Streamline Brand Enquiry Pipeline

Our deep-learning tool can auto-match your profile with the brand brief based on your previous data and performance. Gain early access and updates to upcoming brands briefs for seamless communication with brands and agencies.

Receive guaranteed timely payouts from brands upon completion of deliverables

Guaranteed Timely Payouts

Eliminate the struggle of following up with brands by streamlining the payment process to ensure you get paid timely soon after your deliverables are complete.

Comprehensive toolkit for creators with live streaming plugins, simulcast tech, and advanced engagement to elevate content creation

Comprehensive Suite of Creator Tools

Gain access to unlimited tools to enhance your content with live streaming plugins, simulcast technology, enhanced engagement features and much more.


our vision

Hypothesis aims to build an influencer-centric platform using its unique social media prediction engine and intelligence backend that already serves over 700+ creators in 20+ countries; enabling creators to monetise through powerful content creation, community building and branded collaboration.

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